The Story

A spirited woman sets out on a beautiful
California trail and the unthinkable happens…

vividly imagined tale of love and forgiveness

After traveling the globe as a researcher for a Washington think tank, Brenda Corrigan moves to a quiet California town and creates a new life. But all that changes in a moment, when she is brutally attacked while walking on a lonely trail.

As family and friends rally to help her achieve physical and emotional recovery, we come to know them well. They are an endearing odd lot, her grown children still awash in sibling rivalry, her best friends at sea when faced with Brenda’s perilous journey, despite their own formidable histories.

In this vividly imagined tale, relationships change, children at last become adults, forgiveness heals old wounds. And a woman with a fascinating past determines that she will live well—with good health and the ability to enjoy her days—or yield to the inevitable, leading readers to question how they would choose in the face of utter calamity.